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Pupsule | World’s Only Non-Touch & Portable Pooper Scooper

Your extra hand to pick up and store your dog’s waste. No touch, no smell, no leak, no rush to find a bin.

Pupsule is bringing adjustment to an industry that hasn’t seen it for decades. Therefore, Shopia LLC produces a pooper scooper to proactively get rid of the canine waste. Pupsule is an ABS-made tool with the objective to grab pet waste without any thrill of disposal due to being watertight and odorless.


Their goal is to help dog moms and dads appreciate their ideal pet dog stroll on a daily basis. This 3-in-1 pet-waste removal remedy enables you to conveniently get your pet dog’s mess, store the waste as well as take care of it later on.


Being a life-long family pet lover and enjoying wonderful night walks with his pet, K., the developer of Pupsule, dealt with what every pet dog owner needs to bear daily. Having to clean up after his dog with a simple plastic bag, after that walk along with the odor and unpleasant sensation till you discover a suitable garbage can.

Having all the suffering in mind, K. generated a tool that would do all the dirty work for him including getting his dog’s poop and keeping the poop odor inside.


It takes 3 simple actions to use Pupsule for waste cleaning. All you need to do is simply pull the bag out from the gadget, cover the claws and pick up the pet’s waste. Pupsule keeps the poop inside allowing no leakage or smell out. It gets the dog’s poop at 360 ° leaving nothing behind. It’s so lightweight and compact that you can easily hang it from your wrist, slide it into your pocket or give your dog the lug.


Pupsule can be found in 2 dimensions:

  • Small – created for canines weighing less than 30 Lbs, 8 * 2.9 in or 20.5 * 7.5 cm, 170g
  • Large – developed for dogs weighing greater than 30 Lbs, 9.5 * 3.3 in or 24 * 8.5, 200g

Pleasant walks are assured without needing to fret about your canine’s waste.


Pupsule comes with a built-in bag dispenser, so no need to have extra pockets for bags.

Pupsule consists of 10 eco-friendly bag rolls, each roll having 20 bags in it. So, a total amount of 200 bags are included in the Pupsule collection. This indicates that not only the canine’s waste is taken care of, however, also our environment is not being compromised.


Currently, you as well can join the pet-waste handling revolution and assist this job by elevating recognition regarding Pupsule.

Pupsule scoops the poop at 360 ° leaving no waste behind. Perfect capture every single time.


Pupsule works anywhere from high yard to gravel and concrete. Use it in the park, en route to the supermarket, or while having your morning jog with your dog.

If your pet’s having a poopy day, it doesn’t imply you should too! It can store greater than 1 poop at once liberating your hands from the poopy carry.


Covering the claws with a plastic bag maintains Pupsule clean as well as bacteria-free, even after years of messes.

Constructed from premium ABS and PP plastic, Pupsule is as light and portable as your smartphone.

Utilize the lanyard to hang it from your neck, band it around your wrist, or comfortably hook it to your dog’s leash.


Whether you have a German Shepherd or a little Chihuahua, you can be sure you’ll find your ideal Pupsule. It can be found in two dimensions to properly take care of poop of all shapes and sizes.


Pupsule comes with 10 rolls of biodegradable and compostable bags that decompose in addition to the poop after you dispose of them. With 20 bags in each roll, that’s 200 bags into Pupsule and out of landfills and oceans.

Pull the handle as hard or light as you wish to regulate just how tight Pupsule shuts. Quickly change the period and also target the poop for excellent capture.


Reusability and recyclability

Pupsule has a tension-control system that doesn’t loosen up gradually. Unlike various other options in the marketplace, you regulate the pressure yourself by drawing and releasing the handle as much as you prefer.

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