REVORING Swift: Magnetic Video and Photo Filter System
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REVORING Swift | Magnetic Video and Photo Filter System

Presenting you H&Y REVORING Swift system! It’s the First Magnetic Modular Filter System with variable step rings.

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REVORING is merely the world’s most sophisticated step ring adapter. It’s made for a camera lens. The variable blade innovation offers any electronic camera system using. And the capacity to use 1 filter on EVERY lens. Also, without the need for multiple-step rings. Twist it, fixate it and turn. Currently, they are incorporating the REVORING technology into the brand-new SWIFT filter system.

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What is REVORING Swift System?

The REVORING Swift System is a fully Magnetic Modular Filter System. Made for Photographers as well as Filmmakers to tailor a system for their own demands. It is comprised of:

  • a 100mm Filter Holder,
  • Round Filters,
  • Square Filters,
  • Drop-in Filters,
  • Clip-on Filters,
  • Matte Boxes,
  • Hoods as well as Caps, ALL-IN-ONE.
revoring swift filters

The Swift system conserves a lot of installment time. At the same time saves you a great deal of cash. No more purchasing filters & step rings. YOu have the option of countless filter mixes & creativity.

REVORING Swift System is divided into 3 layers (BASE, BRIDGE & TOP ACCESSORIES).

  • The BASE layer is our REVORING – permitting you to use the whole system on any lens thread.
  • The BRIDGE layer – you can decide the components (VND, Drop-in filter, or simply a Bridge ring) based on your filter needs.
  • The TOP ACCESSORIES – You can pick to include either the Square Filter Holder, Matte Box, or Hood. Also, magnetically attach them to each other. Installation is very easy.

The REVORING Swift system is a combination of 2 of the H&Y’s BEST Sellers – REVORING as well as the K-series Square Filter System.

Use one adapter ring for various lenses. So, if you are a professional photographer you just need to get ONE filter set.

magnetic system on revoring swift

With convenience SHIFT your filter system from one lens to another. This is helpful when you have a two cams configuration. Take photos of a lovely sunset with different compositions. Simply remove the system from the REVORING base, and snap it onto one more REVOING.

Installing a Polarizer can be challenging with traditional filter holders.

revoring swift

The Rear Drop-in Filter from H&Y removes this headache. It allows you to promptly set up as well as detach the polarizer. Also, without touching the square filters in the front.The Magnetic Square Filter changes the landscape photography game entirely. Forget about slow slug in filters. Say goodbye to fingerprints on the glass!

cleaning lens

Thanks to the assistance of the REVORING innovation, the H&Y Swift Matte box supports al-sized lenses.

angles on revoring swift

From as small as 46mm all the way to 95mm filter size. The Clip-on Variable ND Filter is best for ceremonies photographer, Run-and-gun, or One-man band who wants to keep their gear light. The VND is your best partner for sunny weather. It enables you to regulate the depth of the area when required.

The Matte Box and the filters (VND/ Drop-in Filters) are independent. This means, you no longer require to keep the matte box on, simply to hold your filters.

There are a lot of creative filter possibilities.

No more Step Rings! Powered by the trademarked REVORING innovation, individuals can now use just one filter system. And that applies to all their lenses. The drop-in filters, as well as the Magnetic VND Filter, are developed to be uni-sized.  The REVORING features 4 different dimensions.

H&Y REVORING Swift is a modular system. It enables you to customize filter and device mixes.

This system is exceptionally versatile. It provides a lot of help for digital photographers and also videographers.H&Y supplies a large amount of drop-in and also square innovative filter solutions. Both for photography and also videography. That way permits you to be imaginative with different filter combinations.

If you are a landscape digital photographer, Swift Clip-on Filter Holder is a must.

In as little as 3 secs and also you are ready to shoot. First, Twist and attach the REVORING base to your lens. After that, Clip the Filter Holder as well as the bridge ring onto the REVORING base. And lastly,  Snap your 100mm Square & Rectangular Magnetic Filters on. Protect the filters while you are on the go with a magnetic filter holder cap.

filters and colors revoring swift

The Rear Drop-in Design swiftly changes the filters without touching the front.

Compared to traditional digital photography/ filmmaking filter systems, the front filters stay unblemished. at the same time, you are changing the rear filters. Some filters like polarizers require to be rotated to the preferred angle. For that reason, H&Y drop-in filters are geared up with a tiny wheel. Also after the filter is installed, you can change the filter angle effortlessly.

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Costing less than photography square filters or conventional 4×5.65″ cinema filters, these drop-in filters are the best choice. Also, Rear most likely will not develop internal reflections compared to front filters.

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