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ROIDMI EVA | Self-Cleaning & Emptying Robot Vacuum


Hello, Andrea here!

Are you tired of constantly cleaning your house floors?

Sometimes you ask yourself: do I really need to spend so much time on such boring house tasks?

Yup, me too…

I think I found a solution to OUR problem!

It’s EVA!

The exceptional design

ROIDMI EVA is the mix of a dust collection base and an automatic wipe cleansing module. All in one! The extra-large dust bag accumulates dust for 60 days. The 4L large-capacity water tank separates clean water from dirty water. The self-cleaning feature on ROIDMI Eva can clean the mop instantly. That way maintain it sanitary. Afterward, it goes back to the spot where it stands. Likewise, the soft wind feature helps to quick-dry the mop. Avoid mold and unpleasant smells!


ROIDMI EVA contains a mop self-cleaning system

self cleaning

It auto-detects its dirtiness periodically. Immediately it goes back to the base for quick cleaning. It sprays the unclean sponges with water by an integrated pump. Spins the mop quickly scratching versus a washboard. Doing that eliminates the dirt, which then passes through the absorption system. Finally, being stored as wastewater. Afterward, vortex strong wind will blow out to completely dry the sponges. This is the solution for avoiding bacteria, mildew, and also bad odor. After that, ROADMI Eva returns to the spot. All that when the self-cleaning process is done.

cleaning, mopping, integrated vacuuming

2-in-1 vacuum and mop

3 modes ROIDMI EVA

ROIDMI EVA wet and dry automated robot provides 3 modes:

  •  “vacuuming and mopping mode”
  •  “vacuuming mode”
  •  “mopping mode”
6 intelligent inovations

Multiple cleaning modes will make sure all your cleaning demands are satisfied. 3200Pa high suction superpower leaves no dirt whatsoever. The 4-inch high-speed big sponges cover any size of the floor perfectly! Not a single corner is missed. In addition, the 12N pressurized huge mopes assist to get rid of discolorations from the floors!

More powerful suction

power suction

Well, that implies a much deeper cleaning. However, it also shortens battery life. ROIDMI EVA, with 3200Pa, is powerful enough to handle such operations. It frees hardwood floorings of light dust, dirt, even pet hair accumulations! By pulling them out of rugs shows its superpowers! It can cover up to 200 sqm in one charge.

Excellent navigating

This is a must-have for robot vacuum cleaners. It’s the only way to effectively cover all areas. By avoiding traps and pitfalls cleaning is effortless. As well as prevents losing track. The 360 ° LDS navigating system is omnidirectional. Thanks to that ROIDMI EVA is highly precise. It can function successfully also in the dark.

alexa and google home

ROIDMI EVA integrates the smart house system. Meaning, it works with Alexa and Google Home. Help users to conveniently handle home cleaning tasks with simple voice commands.

LED Display

led display roidmi eva

A unique and cutting-edge design of ROIDMI EVA is added with a wise LED color display. This screen is on the base station. That way enables you to check the cleansing status anytime. Also, there is an equivalent animation that shows every feature. One-hand control your ROIDMI EVA easily, either inside or outside the network.

roidmi eva  in action

All – Round scanning 360

ROIDMI supplies an application with automatic or manual room partitioning. You can combine or separate rooms by editing the map. Set the dividings to establish different cleansing modes for various places. It can also save the maps of several scenarios also different floor levels. With a duplex house, you can save time on scanning and saving maps at each time.

360 all round scanning

ROIDMI’s story


Developed in  2015, ROIDMI is a technology that provides vacuum cleaning with elegant products. As a global brand name as well as a leader in the cleaning industry, ROIDMI devices have actually been offered in over 157 countries and regions around worldwide

roidmi eva system

ROIDMI’s focus is developing top-quality hi-tech items for their customers. It owns over 317 patents. ROIDMI has won 6 international awards for its design. cSUch as iF, Red Dot, and Good Style awards.  ROIDMI is a Master in developing important, healthy as well as consumer-friendly products.

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