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    Infinity Planner | More than Just a Planner

    Thursday, November 12, 20202020 has changed our way of working, we often find it difficult to have a work-life balance, and days often end up being stressful with an unhealthy lifestyle. Let’s make life more productive, efficient, and organized. It merges productivity with simplicity and […] More

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  • Flex Foldable Trolley and Flex Gym bag by XDDesign
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    Foldable Trolley and Flex Gym bag by XDDesign

    Today, we are once again extremely happy to introduce to you, the all-new XD Design Flex Foldable Trolley & XD Design Flex Gym bag by XDDesign. Anti-theft, sustainable, and, above all, flexible in shape and usag. Flex foldable trolley and flex gym bag by XDDesign […] More

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    PomaBrush | Powerful Silicone Electric Toothbrush

    Premium US Tech meets Italian Design in the Coolest Minimalist Toothbrush with a 4-month Charge Holding PomaBrush feels right. Its soft all-silicone body is gentle to the touch. Its lightweight, perfectly balanced. Press its single button, and feel the most powerful silicone electric toothbrush spring […] More

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    Lauco | The Smallest & Powerful 100W USB-C Wireless Charging Hub

    8-in-1/12-in-1 Hub | 100W USB-C Power Delivery | [email protected] Dual HDMI | 10W Wireless Charger | USB 3.1 10Gbps| SD/TF Card | 1Gbps Ethernet Full-Metal Aluminum Alloy Appearance Velvety smooth full metal aluminum alloy appearance with tempered glass material endows Lauco the concrete meaning of […] More

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    Duolink SpeakerBuds | Play music in more ways

    Adapts to your every music need by switching between dual speakers, true wireless earbuds and a portable speaker. Duolink is the first SpeakerBuds that transition audio between earbuds, dual speakers, and a complete speaker. Its Auto Switch function transfers audio into your desired device to let your […] More

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    Blurams | Always Ready AI-Fueled Smart Doorbell

    The smartest personal doorman recognizes individual visitors, gives pre-set, customized responses ProductionThe project team has begun turning their prototype into the final product. Their ability to ship the products may be affected by product development or financial challenges. The true beauty of the great design […] More

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    Crua XTENT | Transformable, All-in-One, Carry Anywhere Tent

    Versatile, Lightweight, and Easy-to-Use 2 & 3 Person Tents. Warm in Winter and Cool in Summer. You wanted a tent that could do everything.. ..You wanted to be well-rested. To be warm in winter, cool in summer.  You wanted space.  Space to stand up and no longer feel cramped and awful. And you wanted weather […] More

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    Silver Grip | The First Reusable Self-Sanitizing Gloves

    Silver-plated, self-sterilizing & naturally antimicrobial. Eco-friendly accessory to a face mask for traveling, outdoor or working out. How many people touched this handrail? How many millions of germs are on this shopping cart? We wear gloves to eliminate these questions. Now you can wear gloves […] More

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