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TempBuddy | Modern Phone-Charged Thermometer

TempBuddy is a contemporary thermometer device. It connects to your phone!

family measuring with tempbuddy

Also, allows you to properly (and quickly) measure body or object temperatures. TempBuddy is contactless. It does not call for any kind of battery. In addition, documents body temperature levels with an accuracy of ± 0.15 ° C( ± 0.27 ° F) always. It comes in an extremely portable design and a simple Android/iOS app. That way, you can keep an eye on your body temperature level anytime.  Forget the troubles of traditional thermometers.

Obtain a reading in less than a second!

A common thermometer requires to be put under your tongue for 40 secs or more. On the other hand, TempBuddy is a contactless tool. It measures your temperature level in just half a single second!

about tempbuddy

A normal hand-held infrared thermometer might weigh around 150g. TempBuddy is the winner here also, with only 20g. And measures just 2 inches (~ 5 centimeters) in length! This is smaller sized than the size of an AA battery. This makes TempBuddy incredibly portable. TempBuddy supplies an ultra-compact and slim variable. It makes sure that you can take it with you effortlessly anywhere you go.

TempBuddy is created to be extremely portable. everyday carry (EDC) gadget. Well, it really is! The minimalistic layout of TempBuddy makes it easy to use. Weather in house, job, on journeys…

You have multiple choices!

  • Bring it along with you without any worry.
  • Attach it to your keychain, knapsack, basically anywhere you want
  • Keep TempBuddy in its special bag which is included
black and whte tempbuddy

Store the bag someplace at home. And next time take it with you anywhere. Don’t worry about losing the device

whats inside the box

It doesn’t measure body temperature level only. TempBuddy can likewise measure the temperature of any object. Range is between 0 to 100 ° C (32 to 212 ° F) with ± 0.5 ° C ( ± 0.9 ° F) precision! You can use it in the cooking area to measure the temperature level of your food or coffee.

Ideal for Childcare.

measuring baby's temeperature

One specific application of this device is for infant care needs. Such as water, milk, or bathwater. You know that procedure: squeeze a few drops of milk from the bottle on the skin to check if the temp is ok for the baby? This method is old and more than likely imprecise. TempBuddy gives a precise, dependable solution for this purpose!

The Android or iPhone application coming with TempBuddy includes an easy-to-use user interface. With it provides you a number of advantages.

app options
  • Take a measurement with ease and also observe the result in big-letter text
  • Mute the device to make sure that you don’t interrupt your baby or others
  • Toggle in between Fahrenheit and Celsius
  • Rotate the display and also perform the dimension in any kind of orientation. Find out what’s convenient for you
  • Create accounts for several users. As well as keep an eye on their body temperature data.

Putting an unsanitary and also slow oral thermometer in your mouth is so disgusting. And also, you know that large thermometer gun?  Well, with TemBuddy this is a thing of the past.

TempBuddy measures in a risk-free and sanitary way. Never again stick the gadget between the underarms or inside your mouth!

father nd baby measuring temperature

TempBuddy supports both Android and also iOS mobile phones. The android plan includes an integrated USB-C port. Also, there is still a Micro USB adaptor for older phones. Additionally, features an integrated Lightning port.

You don’t need any battery for TempBuddy.

tempbuddy size

Instead, it powers up from the connected smartphone. This is a great solution, you don’t need an extra charging source. It’s an excellent benefit – you do not require extra batteries. Also, save a couple of dollars every now and then. TempBuddy is always at your service and never disappoints you! A dead battery when you need your thermometer is an annoying and most common thing that happens. Well, not with this one!

They really do care about customers’ needs. After conducting plenty of studies concerning TempBuddy one last thing remained.

They recognized that some parents are fretted if their child ingests a battery. But the truth is they need to be! If a kid swallows a battery it can create burning, deterioration, or totally damage the tissue in the top digestion system. Unfortunately, this damage can occur really quickly.

tempbuddy logo

Understanding this problem, they created TempBuddy to be batteryless! Powered by your phone it does not need a battery. So, this one last step is fixed also. They covered everything.

YouTech Solution is a group of gifted as well as determined young people. Working together passionately they construct innovative gadgets.

Youtech team

So they assemble an extensive strategy. This time they were determined to construct a contemporary thermometer. With TempBuddy, they aim to enable people to determine and check their body temperature effortlessly. Most importantly. anytime, anywhere. It’s time to forget the inconvenience of out-of-date gadgets!

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