Torshn Puzzle | Improve Brain Health and Challenge Yourself
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Torshn Puzzle | Improve Brain Health and Challenge Yourself

Unique combination puzzle that tickles the mind, soothes the eye, and feels great in the hand. Solid aluminum made to last generations.

The Torshn Puzzle is a surprisingly challenging but attractive addition to your work desk, rack, or coffee table.

The goal is very simple, straighten the colors to each other by sliding the marbles and twisting the halves. Resolving the puzzle might at first seem easy, yet you’ll rapidly discover that it’s more difficult than it looks!

Torshn Puzzle | Improve Brain Health and Challenge Yourself

The dichotomy between simpleness and intricacy is what makes the Torshn Puzzle a unique challenge for individuals of every age or profile. While an 11-year-old might not have a fully established brain, she does not have the ego of a 30-year-old university grad. While the working adult may have the spatial awareness and problem-solving abilities to manipulate the puzzle much more successfully, they may not have the patience and perseverance of a retired granny with a lot of free time.

Everyone that has picked up the Torshn Puzzle so far has had a totally different technique to solving it as well as distinct obstacles details to their individuality and skillset.

Torshn Puzzle | Improve Brain Health and Challenge Yourself

Like the Rubik’s cube and the original orb challenge, the Torshn Puzzle is intricate enough to be fun after several solves. Nevertheless, it is easy enough that it is approachable. You do not need to look for or remember a lot of fancy algorithms to address the Torshn Puzzle, but it sure does help if you do.

In a world that progressively loads your mind with clutter, it is very important to take a step back and concentrate your energy on a solitary object. The Torshn Puzzle is a simple challenge yet needs your undistracted focus. They’ve discovered that playing with the Torshn Puzzle enables lowering anxiety as well as increasing performance in other aspects of life. It stimulates, yet relieves your mind concurrently.

Torshn Puzzle | Improve Brain Health and Challenge Yourself

The origins of puzzles go back to 2300 BC when Ancient Greeks and Egyptians developed and solved labyrinths. Since then, challenges have actually grown and evolved right into numerous shapes and forms. Nonetheless, the physical and mental advantages of challenge solving stay the same.

Puzzles exercise the left and right sides of the brain simultaneously. They’re a mental exercise that enhances analytic abilities and attention span. Doing puzzles enhances connections between brain cells, improves the psychological rate, and is a specifically efficient method to boost temporary memory.

Torshn Puzzle | Improve Brain Health and Challenge Yourself

Being a three-dimensional obstacle, the Torshn Puzzle advertises the development of a broader assumption to the process of trouble fixing. It needs spatial awareness and memory, as not all of the spheres are visible simultaneously. Having fun with the puzzle establishes finger-eye control and needs the dexterity to reposition the rounds efficiently. The most crucial thing is probably persistence and determination due to the fact that it’s trickier than it looks!

There are more than seven hundred thousand various feasible ways for the colors to be arranged, as well as only 6 different combinations that leave the problem solved.

This journey started as a design exploration of the sphericon but rapidly came to be a consuming quest to make the best puzzle that they could. They wanted to produce a one-of-a-kind, forever-lasting, and lovely puzzle that anyone could take pleasure in and have fun with.

Torshn Puzzle | Improve Brain Health and Challenge Yourself

They know that design must embody purpose – that every aspect of a design needs to consciously add to its whole. They wanted to make something spectacular however ergonomic and easy.

They integrated form and function to attain these 3 goals:

  • A design that could fit into a museum
  • A challenge not too difficult for anyone, however complicated enough to be fascinating and replayable
  • A puzzle built with exceptional quality and in a way that would last forever.

They drew motivation from a puzzle they grew up having fun with – the Orb Challenge developed by Christopher C. Wiggs and Christopher J. Taylor in 1981.

Torshn Puzzle | Improve Brain Health and Challenge Yourself

After months of design, brainstorming, and prototyping, they landed on making use of the continuous face of a sphericon as cavities for rounds to move along. This permits the extremely smooth and simple motion of the pieces, something that the Orb Puzzle lacked.

The dimensions of the Torshn Problem were difficult to perfect. Larger cavities and rounds made the puzzle much easier to work with but created less visually-appealing proportions. Smaller cavities and more spheres were prettier and closer resembled the initial Orb Puzzle, but led to a problem that was more difficult to solve and difficult to manipulate smoothly.

Torshn Puzzle | Improve Brain Health and Challenge Yourself

They played with and examined over 50 models of the puzzle. With each challenge, they fine-tuned every curve, track, and dive by as little as a quarter of a millimeter to develop a puzzle that is as tough as a rock, attractive to a look at, and elegant to handle.

Long life is extremely important. They detest how unsustainable plastic is. So, they wished to create something that would certainly last permanently, something that will be passed on for generations ahead and will not end up in a garbage dump someplace. They desired something that had a small chance of damage and also would be repairable if it did. So they understood the final product would be built from a sustainable metal body.

Torshn Puzzle | Improve Brain Health and Challenge Yourself

When they made their very first metal prototype, they were blown away. It ended up being a sculpture that you can play with. Steel was also hefty and titanium was too pricey. They chose plated aluminum, strong yet lightweight.

It’s not inexpensive to mill from a strong chunk of metal, yet after considering numerous various production methods, it’s the only way to make the best Torshn Puzzle possible. Metal construction allows them to attain the rigorous resistances required for the puzzle to rotate efficiently while being eternal. It also does not hurt that lightweight aluminum is one of the most bountiful steel on earth and 100% recyclable!

Torshn Puzzle | Improve Brain Health and Challenge Yourself

Support their project if;

  • You or a person you know likes puzzles
  • You like conversation starters and work desk art
  • You need a stress-relieving retreat from everyday life
  • You have a child and you recognize that puzzles are one of the best devices for their development
  • You want to maintain your brain sharp and prevent the early start of diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia
  • You’re attracted by unusual mathematical forms
  • You wish to support designers who are truly passionate about the product they’re making
  • You despise unsustainable items made by corporations and always try to do your part by leaving a small footprint in the environment.

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