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Transformer Couch | One Couch, Endless Possibilities

Forever Rearrangeable, Modular Seating Solution, That Transforms With Your Home & Lifestyle. Versatile, Beautiful & Ultra Comfortable

Their team introduced 4 successful Kickstarter campaigns in the past 5 years yet absolutely nothing prepared them for the success they encountered, with over $6M raised to bring to life their outstanding brand-new furniture items. TT continues to introduce its cutting-edge and solution-driven items on Kickstarter, just like the Transformer Couch.

Transformer Table was born upon Kickstarter, and because of its inception 5 years back, Kickstarter backers have actually helped make Transformer Table an acknowledged brand name and key recommendation throughout North America when it comes to multifunctional furniture.

Transformer Couch

The Transformer Couch is the most multifunctional and modular couch ever.

Make it an accent chair, a sofa, a sectional, a bed, a lounger, or perhaps a play area for the kids. In other words, it can adjust to any type of and all spaces regardless of where and how you live. The only limit is your imagination!


Unbox it.

Transformer Couch - One Couch, Endless Possibilities


Assemble it.

Transformer Couch - One Couch, Endless Possibilities


Connect it.

Transformer Couch - One Couch, Endless Possibilities


Enjoy it!

Transformer Couch - One Couch, Endless Possibilities

Corner Set System

When setting up your Transformer Couches to make a sectional and/or an edge lounger, you might need a corner unit add-on to complete your wanted arrangement.

Transformer Couch

PU Leather

When you pledge for Earth Stone, Pearl White, or Midnight Black you need to match the number of your pieces with your add-on covers.

Transformer Couch
  • Seat Frame: Hardwood with sinuous steel springs and Italian webbing.
  • Armrests and Backrests are constructed from sturdy brushed steel poles, offering strength and resilience.
  • Seat Paddings: Seating cushions are made with 3 2.2 high-density foam layers.
  • Back Cushions: Back pillows, as well as armrests, feature superior quality spun fibers and Dacron fillings which are blown, baffled, and bagged.
  • Frame Legs: Each Seat comes with 4 durable steel legs that are screwed onto the bottom frame.
  • Connectors: U-shaped clamps are made with solid plastic resin, to maintain their toughness and flexibility.
Transformer Couch

This couch features removable and machine washable slipcovers for all cushions, pillows, and frames.

Covers are machine washable in cold water and are line-dried. Do not place them in the dryer as they could shrink.

Transformer Couch

Moreover, standard couches, sectionals, or sofas are designed to be replaced every couple of years. When the covers, frame, or one of the elements are broken or ripped, you have no choice but to purchase a brand-new couch.

Nonetheless here at Transformer Table, they do not count on half measures, they create products that last, whatever comes your way.

Above all, Transformer Couches are meant to stay trendy and look brand new for the next 20, 30, or even 40 years.

  1. Stay trendy with interchangeable covers (Loads of different colors and fabrics). 
  2. If your covers get damaged? Don’t worry, you can order a new set of covers in no time. 
  3. Machine washable covers keep your couch clean and fresh.
  4. All components are replaceable (Frame, Backrest, Armrests, Cushions, and pillows).


Transformer Couch

Have a look at their terrific option of colors;

The Timberwolf Gray fabric covers feature an attractive light grey look that will conveniently fit with any design. The Timber wolf grey includes a refined fusion of ivory white and light gray fabric.

The Peacock Blue fabric covers feature a delicate combination of green and blue textile, providing it an attractive corduroy turquoise look that will certainly end up being a remarkable focal point of your living that will stand out in any type of residence.

Transformer Couch

The Navy-Blue covers attribute an artistic dark blue color that will certainly blend flawlessly in any setup. The Navy-blue fabric integrates a blend of light grey and blue fabric, that will definitely amaze your visitors.

The Charcoal covers supply a complex blend of black and light grey textile, providing a totally versatile color that can fit any home. Its darker tones fit completely with conventional undertones of white and beige.

The Canary Yellow covers supply an electric yellow character and also will unquestionably stand out as a stunning centerpiece of your living room. The gorgeous yellow material having a small undertone of cream color provides an outstanding appearance that ensures to wow your visitors.

Transformer Couch

The Lagoon Blue covers feature soft deluxe touch that is flawlessly paired down with minimal tones or spruced up in this season’s patterns. These incredibly soft covers will certainly make you want to continue that afternoon snooze.

The Cardinal Red is elegantly soft, this vintage red velour textile is defined by its delicious material finished with richly saturated red shades and smoothly defining luster. The Cardinal red velvet covers will undoubtedly become the utmost focal point of your living room.

Transformer Couch

PU leather covers are their microfiber leather options and are a sustainable alternative for your home.

Most importantly, they are made with intention, the water-resistant and anti-odor microfiber leather is made from non-woven textile. Covered with a layer of high-performance materials for a soft buttery real leather feel that’s made to last in any kind of environment.

Transformer Couch

Color options;

The Earthstone covers feature a light brown and chard tan look. Its tan, brownish appearance fits nicely in any rustic or modern house.

The Pearl white covers include a fragile white and ivory color that is mild to the eye and will certainly blend in perfectly in any type of home and space.

Midnight Black Leather covers are the most robust and functional of them all. Featuring a magnificently black lust and sheen, the midnight black leather will certainly provide character and high-end touch to any home or space.

Transformer Couch - One Couch, Endless Possibilities

General Care Instructions:

Fabric and Velour covers are machine-washable in cold water on the gentle cycle. Its important to note that there is no need to add excessive amounts of detergent, half a detergent cup full is more than enough. Adding too much detergent can make the fabric stiff. Once the wash cycle is complete, remove from the washer and shake.

Line dry only. Do not place in the dryer as the covers could possibly shrink. Do not use fabric softener. PU Leather is Dry Clean Only

Avoid placing your furniture in direct sunlight. All materials fade over time when placed in direct sunlight and/or heating sources.

It is also recommended to fluff and flip pillows every now and then.

Transformer Couch

Fabric Care:

Vacuum on a regular basis to avoid dust particles from settling into fabric grains. Wipe fabric with a soft cloth and warm water. Do not use chemicals.

PU Leather Care:

Carefully wipe your leather once a week with a clean dry or slightly damp soft cloth to avoid build-up of dirt and dust. Avoid utilizing chemical cleaners that are hazardous. Clean up spills promptly using a soft cloth. Dab with a slightly damp cloth and dry the area immediately with a clean white towel.

Transformer Couch

Velour care:

Velour isn’t far more challenging to clean and maintain than other materials. As much as possible, vacuum on a regular basis to prevent dust particles from settling. Brush the velour lightly to get rid of any loose dust so it won’t further be embedded in the upholstery. Wipe the velour with a soft cloth and warm water. Do not use chemicals.

Transformer Couch - One Couch, Endless Possibilities

When you pledge for a Transformer Couch, each and every section includes the following items in the box:

  • 100% Kiln Dried Solid Wood Frame
  • 1 X Padded Modular Back Rest
  • 2 X Padded Modular Arm Rests
  • High Density Foam Seating Cushion
  • Premium, Dacron Filled and Bagged Back Pillow
  • Sinuous Italian Steel Spring Frame Cover
  • Heavy Duty (12 Gauge) U-Shaped Modular Connector
  • Set of Covers (1 X Frame, 1 X Back Rest, 2 X Arm Rests, 1 X Seating Cushion, 1 X Back Pillow)
  • Hardware Kit (hexagon tool + 16 bolts for legs)
Transformer Couch - One Couch, Endless Possibilities
Transformer Couch - One Couch, Endless Possibilities

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