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Trot Puzzle Slow Feeder

Magnetically secured stainless steel bowls & no mess mat for happy, healthy pets. Lifetime Guarantee

Introducing Trot Puzzle Slow Feeder, a magnetic Slow Feeding Puzzle Bowl, and No-Mess Mat.

We’ve all experienced the feeling of getting excited when our food comes out, and this usually results in speedy eating. Unfortunately, this is not the best for human digestion, and it also holds true to our animal best friends. Luckily, they’ve found this innovation that’ll help pets eat at a more natural and slower pace.

Trot Puzzle Slow Feeder

Trot has developed a thoughtful stainless-steel pet bowl designed to make mealtime more engaging. Including other innovative features such as magnets so that the bowl can’t be slid around the floor or tipped a compatible no-mess mat, and lids for easy travel.

Why Take It Slow

When pets eat too quickly they can experience discomfort, throw up after meals, or even choke. In worst-case scenarios, eating too quickly can lead to bloat, a condition that delivers a shock to their digestive system and requires immediate veterinary attention and can even lead to death.

Trot Puzzle Slow Feeder

Outside of the obvious signs, post-meal discomfort can be subtle and often goes unnoticed since our pets can’t just tell us when they don’t feel well. We are left to interpret their behaviors like post-meal inactivity or dullness as subtle hints that their bellies are uncomfortable from scarfing down their food in seconds. Many pet owners miss these signs.

The Trot Puzzle Slow Feeder can help reduce the risk and discomfort by lengthening mealtime in a fun and engaging way.

Mealtime isn’t naturally an easy and boring activity for animals. Working for and playing with their food is. By adding a challenging maze design to the bowl, they not only help slow down problematic fast eaters but also provide an exciting and stimulating challenge that even finicky pets benefit from.

Pets Deserve Better Than Plastic

Trot Puzzle Slow Feeder

Trot is on a mission to move away from plastic and create premium high-quality products that last a lifetime. Pets deserve a better eating experience than a plastic bowl. Plastic bowls can shatter or crack, create choking hazards or cut in their mouths, and can contribute to sensitive chin acne due to their bacteria-harboring properties. Plastic bowls can even leak harmful chemicals into your pet’s food. Trot’s complete set consists of two double-walled stainless-steel bowls and a food-grade silicone no-mess mat that comes with a lifetime warranty.

Happy Pets & Humans

Trot Puzzle Slow Feeder

Trot’s complete set minimizes spills with its tip-proof magnetically secured bowls. Cleaning up is also easier because of the no-mess mat. Allowing owners to focus on what matters most, spending more time with their pet! Trot products transform a pet’s eating station from an eyesore to a beautiful accent piece for any home.

Feature Highlights

  • Engaging slow feeding puzzle design
  • Double-wall insulated and durable stainless steel
  • Tip-proof magnetically secured bowls
  • Food grade silicone No-mess mat
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Air-tight lids for easy travel
  • Aesthetically designed set available in Sky, Coral, Canary, Cobalt, Black, Slate, and Bone
  • Lifetime warranty
Trot Puzzle Slow Feeder

About Trot

Founders Izzy Pasarow and Timothy Dir are both animal lovers at heart.

The Trot Puzzle Slow Feeder came to be after they noticed how fast their own pets were eating, often leading to discomfort, throwing up, and even weight gain.

Trot Puzzle Slow Feeder

After searching for a solution, the only options that they found were low-quality plastic bowls. Even worse, Darlene Geekie (a friend of both Tim and Izzy and a veterinary hospital owner), shared her experience of treating dogs who had received cuts inside their mouths from the current plastic options.

Trot Puzzle Slow Feeder

Izzy and Tim set off on designing the stainless-steel bowls but ultimately decided to see what else they could do to rethink mealtime and make the best pet feeding system out there. 8 months later, their dogs have been using the whole feeding system for months and they couldn’t be happier with the results. Trot aims to make having healthier and happier pets easier. They have also pledged to donate 1% of all sales to the Little Angels Project. A non-profit that helps perform surgeries for animals in shelters and then finds them loving forever homes.

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