Ukrainian Dream
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Ukrainian Dream

Do you have a Dream? Join to become a part of the history of the great aircraft – the Mriya.

Ukrainian aircraft manufacturer, Antonov Aviation built the incredible Mriya, which translated from Ukrainian to English, means “Dream”. Mriya, the Antonov AN-225, was the world’s largest transport aircraft. 

Ukrainian Dream mriya

Mriya, which was designed to carry twice as much as a Boeing 747, has been the flagship of the aviation world for more than thirty years. With an overall length as long as a football field, it has a maximum take-off weight of up to 1.32 million pounds (about 598 tons). It dwarfs the 747, both in size, and carrying capability. 

Ukrainian Dream mriya

Mriya’s takeoffs and landings have attracted aviation enthusiasts from all over the world. 

Tragically, in late February 2022, during the Russian attack on Ukraine, the Mriya was destroyed. 

Volodymyr Zelensky, President of Ukraine, sadly announced, “We lost our Mriya. The old one. But we will build a new Mriya. Glory to Ukraine!” 

Ukrainian Dream mriya destroyed

Their team of engineers and designers have created a tribute to Mriya – by building the mechanical model, the “Ukrainian Dream”. 

They have partnered with Antonov Aviation, and officially support: 

The rebuilding of the Mriya aircraft – Ukrainian Dream

Housing for employees of the Antonov state company, whose homes were destroyed by the Russian attack 

Education and training of new aviation engineers and pilots for Ukraine 

By the way, did you know that “ANTONOV” aircrafts are movie stars? 

In “2012”, Roland Emmerich’s film, the Mriya called AN-500, became a participant in one of the most striking scenes in the blockbuster. 

All of the viewers remember its breathtaking flight between the buildings of the legendary hotel-casino Wynn Las Vegas. 

In “Die Another Day”, a half-billion-dollar blockbuster from the epic James Bond 007 series (An-124)

Ukrainian Dream mriya

This Mriya model will give you countless hours of enjoyment, and after “building” the legendary aircraft with your own hands, you will be proud to display it in your home or office.  

Join the historical mission! 

Ukrainian Dream mriya  postage stamp

POSTAGE STAMP (limited edition) 

To show the strength, and Spirit of the Ukrainian people, and emphasize that icons live longer than metal, the Ukrainian Postal Service has issued the limited edition, postage stamp “UKRAINIAN DREAM”. Dedicated to the world’s most powerful aircraft. And while Ukrainian aircraft engineers work on building a new Mriya, the “UKRAINIAN DREAM” will fly around the world on postcards and envelopes. 

This stamp symbolizes Ukrainian invincibility. 

Each “Ukrainian Dream” mechanical model gets a postage stamp.  

* Limited quantity of postage stamps 

CREATING the mechanical model constructor 

Ukrainian Dream mriya

Developing metal models from high-grade stainless steel is a more complex process than models made of other materials. Their engineers and designers have worked diligently and creatively.  

Ukrainian Dream mriya

After many different sketches and prototypes, they finally reached the one everyone loves.  

A Certificate of Appreciation, signed by the chief pilot and captain of AN 225, “Mriya”, Mr. Antonov Dmytro, will be presented to each backer. 

Ukrainian Dream mriya
Ukrainian Dream mriya


SPLASHING DREAMER, Boeing 314 airplane 

In the early part of the 20th century, flights across the Atlantic were a challenge for both pilots and passengers. Then in the late 1930s, an aircraft was built that could provide passengers with unprecedented comfort, and safety. It was the Boeing 314, also known as the Yankee Clipper. 

Ukrainian Dream splashing dreamer

It was actually a flying luxury hotel, with reclining chairs, a restaurant, silverware, and top-notch service. The Yankee Clipper could stay in the air for up to a day without refueling. And in the rare case of a malfunction, it could land on the water, and continue its journey as a boat.  

REMARKABLE DOUGLAS, DC-3, Dakota airplane 

The Douglas “Dakota” DC-3 was the largest passenger and cargo plane in history. 

Ukrainian Dream remarkable douglas

From the late 30s, it continued to fly for over 80 years. This aircraft is the result of ingenious engineering. The Dakota DC-3 was not only a source of inspiration for pilots and the engineers who built it, but was an inspiration for future designs. The Dakota became the hero of many books and adventure films. The simplicity, reliability, and iconic image, of this aircraft-inspired them to create the “Remarkable Douglas” mechanical model. 

AD ASTRA, deep space rocket 

Despite more than half a century, the design of space rockets has not changed much. And it was these rocket designs that inspired the designers of “Metal Time”, to create the “AD ASTRA” model. Ad Astra, means “to the stars,” 

Ukrainian Dream ad astra

Today they have traveled the stars for over 50 years. Their engineers’ dreams are that one-day real space exploration vehicles are launched to the most obscure locations in the solar system. This is why they added features to the “AD ASTRA” model resembling spaceships from science fiction books, and movies of the last century. By combining history, and science fiction their AD ASTRA model portrays their version of an interstellar rocket. 


Back in 1948, а mysterious object fell to earth near the town of Roswell, New Mexico, in the United States. Many people to this day believe it to be an alien spaceship. Although there are no official eyewitnesses, the legend has become an “accepted” truth. 

But you do not need to go to Roswell, New Mexico to search for а “flying saucer”. You can have their Stellar Raider UFO land right at your house! 

Ukrainian Dream stellar raiders

The “rays” emanating from the center of the ship became the basis for the art nouveau-style stand. Under the spaceship, in the middle of the “rays”, is а cow that aliens kidnapped for experiments (or for its milk). 

Inside the model of the alien ship are its “pilots” – classically depicted aliens. The entire structure of the ship rotates. The “landed” Spaceship is accented with lights. 

POLAR STEEL, steam train, Magic Express 

Late on Christmas Eve, after most children have fallen asleep, a bright beam from a searchlight can be seen through the snowy mist. The Polar Steel appears, with billowing clouds of smoke and steam.

Ukrainian Dream polar steel

This train will take you to the North Pole, home of Santa Claus himself. Neither high mountains, endless snow-covered fields, nor thick forests will stop the train from getting to the North Pole. 

The film Polar Express by Robert Zemeckis was the inspiration to create the “Polar Steel” mechanical model. 


With the advancement of technology, millions of agricultural workers have been replaced by machines. These machines can sow, seed, fertilize, irrigate, and eventually harvest almost all crops. And these machines are united by one broad term – “combines”. There are combines capable of very complex operations with different types of crops. One thing unites them: these machines help save the world from hunger. Because of this, the Metal Time team developed VORACIOUS HARVESTER to pay tribute to these wonderful machines. 

Ukrainian Dream voracious harvester

“Voracious Harvester” is our DIY model of a combine harvester. A standard, modern, cereal harvesting machine was used as a prototype. The wheels and header of the combine rotate freely and are connected to the winding mechanism. 


Grand Prix Falcon is a model of an open-wheel race car (bolide), designed for the F1 racing circuit.

Ukrainian Dream grand prix falcon

The design was inspired by the legendary open-wheel F1 race car. The model is exceptional. The front spoiler, fairing, and landing gear make up the front of the model. The wheels are made in the form of hollow cylinders, attached to the suspension. In the cockpit, you can see the dashboard and steering wheel. Above it is the central air intake. The main body with side air intakes hides the winding mechanism that drives the rear wheels of the model. 

The design is crowned by a rear spoiler. 

NIMBLE FIGHTER the Renault FT-17 tank 

One of the most successful and effective tanks in World War I was the French light tank FT-17. The car manufacturer Louis Renault for a long time did not dare to go for the revolutionary configuration of the tank, which was offered to him by Colonel Jean-Baptiste Eugene Estienne. However, the advantages of the new model were obvious, and already in 1916, the new tank entered the battlefield. 

Ukrainian Dream nimble fighter


As most kits include Toolkit (pliers and file) for experts they have an extra one. 

Their building kits are unique and made of eco-friendly materials. 

Ukrainian Dream mriya key features

They use STEAM skills when creating and developing products. 

14 languages User’s guides will lead you through the assembling process 

In coming up with the design for creative people, there is no borderline between imagination and reality. 

Metal Time® constructors are brilliant for people with disabilities, consequences of trauma, or neurological diseases, as they develop attentiveness and fine motor skills of the hands that focus on a variety of operations. 

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