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Wake Up | Smart Home Coffee Roaster

Wake Up Smart Home Coffee Roaster

Roast fresh coffee at home in just 10 minutes with 3 easy steps!

A terrific cup of coffee depends 60% on the origin of the beans, 30% on the roast, and only 10% on the brew. When we’re talking about the heart and soul of a mug of coffee, roasting is the key.
Mindful modification of temperature, as well as time, are important to draw out the delicate aromas, level of acidity, and body from the coffee beans.

Wake Up Smart Home Coffee Roaster empowers the artist inside you to unlock the supreme coffee bean flavors – just like a master roaster. Simply check the time and temperature with the smart App to prepare to start your day with the finest Wake Up call, right at your fingertips…

Wake Up Smart Home Coffee Roaster

Wake Up attributes a roasting chamber of the excellent dimension at 250g – the typical month-to-month intake of coffee per person.
Just turn on the power, pick the roast degree, and begin your master toasting trip with these 3 straightforward steps.

Wake Up has been crafted to be as easy to use as possible. You’re able to pick from 5 distinct presets at the touch of a button. Convenient, all set to go, and easy – roasting wonderful coffee should not be challenging. We’ve also created an app that allows control of the process from your smartphone.

Wake Up attains the exact same temperature-control accuracy of commercial-grade coffee roasters, with a probe that detects every 0.2 seconds to ensure warmth and airflow worths are optimum. This automation avoids manual operation errors and also makes an ideal roast at all times.
Temperature level and time while roasting has a big effect on the flavors and aromas of your coffee. Lighter roasts give a more acidic profile, whereas a dark roast suit those looking for an extra robust or bitter flavor. With Wake Up, it’s your own choice.

Wake Up Smart Home Coffee Roaster

For connoisseurs, our in-house established smart App will certainly open the doors to unlimited opportunities. Take control of your desired temperature level and time while the smart App will change the airflow and heat accordingly to provide a special roasting program.
Whether you’ve chosen a light or dark roast, Wake Up gets to work in simply 10 mins. All the beans in the toasting chamber will have undertaken the five vital stages: pre-heating, drying, Maillard response, first crack, and the complete development of desired flavors before cooling down.

This trip begins with a rise of heat which dehydrates the beans, followed by the loss of weight, dimming in shade, development in volume, after that the delicate fragrances going along with the drawn-out oils. By fine-tuning, each of the five phases Wake Up has the ability to extract flavor accounts from beans of any origin, opening up a universe of coffee-possibilities for you to discover.

Wake Up Smart Home Coffee Roaster

You can quickly conserve your bespoke roasting recipes, and also share them with family and friends who have the app as well!
* Compatible with Android and IOS systems
Thanks to a brushless DC motor, 3mm dual glass insulation, interior turbofans that create hot air movement for ideal heat distribution, and also a strong seal keep Wake Up as quiet and refined as possible – no waking the neighbors in the early morning!

As soon as the 5 stages are complete as well as your beans are baked, Wake Up will decrease the temperature level to a continuous 40°C before enabling the bean recovering mechanism, meaning marginal waiting time as well as no loss of flavor.

Wake Up Smart Home Coffee Roaster

Just open up the bean-retrieving valve below the roasting chamber and accumulate the beans immediately. They made this as easy as possible to decrease the hold-up in between roasting and taking pleasure in that first cup.

After collecting the beans, open up the top cover to access the chaff collector for disposal. The glass roasting chamber can be easily cleaned of from the base, all set to be promptly rinsed out, or even placed in the dishwashing machine if you’re in a rush.

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